CyberPower A CyberPower Audio Editing Lab Version 15.7.5
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CyberPower Audio Editing Lab’s graphic interface is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this editing tool. Complete with large icons and easy to understand instructions, this editing tool takes the cake when it comes to user ease – in fact, this is one of the best editing programs for novice users.


Effects and equalizer tools make using this program a cinch. CyberPower Audio Editing Lab is set up, so that you can simple and quickly make use of any effect or feature. As mentioned above, large graphics complete with clear instructions make this program fool-proof.

Main Function

The main purpose of this program is to edit music, but it does so much more than that. Consider all of those tracks you have that are scratchy and hard to listen to. Now, consider what those tracks might sound like if you could edit out the rough parts – this is one of the things that the CyberPower Audio Editing Lab does best. Add to this mix a number of effects and user options, and you have a tool that’s ideal for users of all skill levels (whether or not you are a professional musician).

Extra Features

There are so many great features that come with this program, it’s hard to name them all. Some features that stand out include a handy time, a playback feature (you can playback all tracks using any Windows player tool), and many different sound effects.


Test out this program for free first (always recommended), and then purchase it for around $20 to experience the full force of the CyberPower Audio Editing Lab. The only thing wrong with this product is the name, which, in this reviewer’s opinion, deserves to be stronger.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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